Space Trips: Getting Too Costly?

Source/Credit: Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser room from Disney World.

I thought we were trying to bring down the cost of space travel. Someone may need to inform Disney. It was already expensive enough for visit Disney World under normal circumstances, but now it is crazy if you want to be part of the new Star Wars adventure. Would you like to spend up to $20,000 for a two night stay in its Star Wars’ themed luxury suite? It is less than a spaceflight on Blue Origin, but at least you leave the ground with Blue Origin.

The new Star Wars immersive experience hotel opened March 1st, and I am sure plenty of people in this economy will plop down the money given that TSA will not be asking for the Covid test results before letting them return to Earth (unlike a trip to Earth-bound France).

Here is how Disney World sells it:

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is a revolutionary new 2-night experience where you are the hero. You and your group will embark on a first-of-its-kind Star Wars adventure that’s your own. It’s the most immersive Star Wars story ever created—one where you live a bespoke experience and journey further into a Star Wars adventure than you ever dreamed possible.

Looking at the website, you should plan to spend about $4,800 for a two night stay for two, and about $6,000 if you are a group of four. I would expect each room to come with massage droids, but I did not see that on the list of services. However, you do get a hair dryer with your room. Even with these prices, I found only six available nights over the next three months.

The Washington Post just had a piece about the high prices at the Disney parks, wondering whether the magic is gone. I am not sure about finding magic in a hotel room with no real windows, but I want to point out that Florida has other less expensive ways to get into the space spirit, from the Kennedy Space Center to the US Air Force Space and Missile Museum. Spend what you want, but I think you can keep the dream alive without giving the t-shirt off your back.

Source/Credit: Kennedy Space Center.