Movies: Apollo 10 1/2

Image (Credit): Scene from Netflix’s film Apollo 10 1/2. (Netflix)

Last week’s film was about young adults in space, but now we are hitting elementary school for the right stuff. This Nextflix film, Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood, is a good weekend movie for the whole family if you are looking for something light. The basic story is that NASA flubbed its Apollo program and created a lunar spaceship that is too small for adult astronauts. Hence, instead of sending a dog into space like the Russians, NASA goes to elementary school for what it needs. Here is a clip of the film narrated by Stan, the astroboy, and directed by Richard Linklater (from other films such as Boyhood and Before Sunrise)., which notes that the films does a pretty good job providing context on American life in the late 60s, gives the movie three stars (out of a possible four), stating:

Stan is a thoroughly likable storyteller, and there’s something to be said, in an era when Hollywood couldn’t care less about any idea not based on an pre-existing property, for intimate, personal films that don’t take you where you think you want to go.

It may be a silly plot, but given the state of the world at the moment it might also be a nice diversion. And don’t worry – it is my understanding that the Artemis lunar mission is being planned for full-sized adults.