SpaceX is Worth About $125 Billion

Image (Credit): Starship rocket. (SpaceX)

Even though Tesla is having valuation issues these days as Mr. Musk pursues Twitter, SpaceX seems to be doing well. Nasdaq news reports that the company had no issues raising $1.5 billion in new funding. The valuation for the company is now $125 billion, up from $100 billion last year.

While the company is earning a good fee for its resupply missions to the International Space Station, it has other ventures to fund as well, including the Starship rocket for deep-space missions and the Starlink satellite system being used around the world (including Ukraine). SpaceX is able to build about 45 Starlink satellite per week.

The company has plenty of openings on its website, such as those listed below. Let’s hope SpaceX can stay out of the fray as Mr. Musk continues to kick up dust.

Image (Credit): SpaceX job postings. (SpaceX)