Video/Radio: Martian Life is “Not Bonkers”

Image (Credit): Professor Brian Cox on The Chris Moyles Show. (Radio X)

Last week on the The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X, Dr. Brian Cox responded to a call in question about life on Mars. He noted that NASA’s Perseverance rover may find signs of life in an ancient river delta where it is now drilling. He said he would not be surprised if Martian microbes were located.

He also discussed plans to visit Jupiter’s moon Europa to explore its seas and look for life. Interestingly, he highlighted how Europa may contain three times as much water as can be found on the Earth. That would make it quite a rest stop for future solar system voyages.

In the end, he made it clear that finding life in our solar system is “not bonkers.” That said, he also explored the idea that we may be alone in this universe in terms of intelligent civilizations.