Television: The Origin of All Life via Netflix

Tomorrow, Netflix will premiere a new science program that ties together life on Earth and the origin of the universe. The six-part program, Our Universe, is a BBC project narrated by Morgan Freeman. You can see a trailer of new show here.

We have already had a Blue Planet, a Green Planet, and even an Our Planet to highlight life here on Earth, so maybe this is more “Big Bang Planet” going back a little earlier than these other series.

You can expect similar BBC science series to follow, according to Variety. They include:

  • Life on Our Planet – Coming 2023: 8 episodes narrated by Morgan Freeman
  • Our Oceans – Coming 2024: 5 episodes narrated by Jonathan Smith
  • Our Living World – Coming 2024: 4 episodes narrated by Ben Roy
  • Our Water World – Coming 2025: 5 episodes narrated by Jackie Garbutt

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Just tune into tomorrow night’s series and enjoy the show.

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