Space Quote: The Value of the ISS

Image (Credit): Components of the International Space Station (ISS). (NASA)

“An attempt to do a cost-benefit analysis on ISS science would be rather difficult. Science research rarely conforms to that kind of examination while it’s being done. Only after the fact, when an entrepreneur rolls out some new product or service, can one point to something done in a laboratory as having helped to make it happen. The best bet for ISS science is the technology for 3D printing human organs for transplant patients. The number of lives that would be saved might make the $100 billion spent on the ISS worth it.”

-Statement in a recent editorial from The Hill titled, “Has the science on NASA’s International Space Station been worth the money?” In addition to 3D printing of human organs, you might want to view the other ISS achievements (also mentioned in the editorial) and decide for yourself: