Movies: The Return of Star Wars Films

While The Mandalorian and Andor have does a nice job filling in the gap between Star Wars movies, three new film projects are now in the works. But we are not looking at another trilogy, or a trilogy of trilogies. Instead, the three films with three different directors will cover different periods in the Star Wars saga.

Here is how it was broken out by

  • The film directed by James Mangold will “…go back to the dawn of the Jedi”;
  • The film directed by Dave Filoni will “…focus on the New Republic,” with tie-ins to the various TV series covering that period; and
  • The film directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy will “…be set after the events of Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker” and include the return of Daisy Ridley as Rey.

This sounds a lot like a bunch of Rogue One films that try to carve out an interesting piece from the original nine-film series, which is fine with me if it is done properly. So far the TV series spin-offs have been successful about half of the time, so there is a risk that the Star Wars name is not enough. Then again, I would rather see an attempt at more Star Wars then the current batch of superhero films.