More on those Chinese Balloons

Image (Credit): Chinese balloon details from the leaked Pentagon documents. (The Daily Mail)

The Chinese balloons that causes so much trouble a few months back appear to be nothing new, according to recently leaked Pentagon documents. The Chinese have been using them for years to spy on American military positions. And on closer inspection, the contraption being carried by these balloons looks a lot like a normal satellite, with solar panels, antenna, sensors, and more (see the image above).

So why use balloons and not normal satellites? As noted in earlier press stories, the balloons are cheaper, easier to launch, more difficult for US intelligence to detect when launched, fly closer to targets, and linger longer over those targets. These are many of the same reason the US and many other countries continue to use balloons for scientific reasons as well.

The leaked documents are simply confirming what we already know. UFOs are all over and as far as we know to date man-made. I know it is still hard for many to believe that the crashed object in Roswell, New Mexico back in the 1947 was just a US military surveillance balloon. Real life can be boring at times.