Movie: Dune, Part Two Trailer Available

Image (Credit): Preview image from Dune, Part Two. (Warner Bros.)

If you are a fan of Frank Herbert’s series Dune, as well as the 2021 film version of the first book directed by Denis Villeneuve, then you will be pleased to see the latest trailer for the second part of the film. It does not give too much away to those who do not already know the story, but it demonstrates that we can expect the same quality of film later this year.

It would be nice if the other books in the series get picked up by Warner Bros. in the way the Lord of the Rings led to increased interest in the tales as well as more movies. It is a tricky balance that can be abused, as we have seen with too many series, but carefully done it would be amazing to see.

You can read more about the upcoming film in a cover story by Vanity Fair. It also has plenty of photos from the new film (such as the one below).

Dune, Part Two should be in theaters by November of this year.

Image (Credit): Baron Harkonnen languishing in his restorative bath. (Vanity Fair/Niko Tavernise)