Pic of the Week: Russia’s Luna-25 Moon Station

Source/Credit: The Luna-25 Moon Station from Russia’s Lavochkin Research and Production Association.

The image above is an artist’s rending of Russia’s Luna-25 Moon Station that was to be launched last year and is now scheduled to be launched in July 2022. It will be the first domestic spacecraft in the country’s modern history on the surface of the Moon. Luna-25 will be equipped with a soil-sampling robotic arm and camera to image the terrain. The last lunar mission was Luna-24 in 1976 by the then Soviet Union, which returned Moon samples to the Earth.

Space Quotes: Key to Successful Space Programs

Source/Credit: NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, Official Portrait from NASA/Bill Ingalls.

“…in order for a space program to be successful it has to be a multi-administration effort. It’s like building an aircraft carrier; that takes about 12 years and spans many administrations. So the space program has to be the same way.”

–NASA Administrator Bill Nelson responding to a Time Magazine question about the lack of continuity among presidential administrations on moon missions.