Television: The Silent Sea

Source/Credit: Netflix.

Netflix’s new series from South Korea, The Silent Sea, was released right before Christmas and did not get a lot of attention. It may not deserve a lot of attention, and would have probably been better as a short film (which is how it started) rather than an 8-part series, but it was passable as entertainment.

The year is 2075 and Earth has become a dust bowl where water is rationed and civilization is dying. We seem to have the ability to maintain manned stations on the Moon and Mars, but water conservation is beyond our abilities. It seems we did not have a Planet B ready to go. With this background, the series is about a special team sent back to the Moon to visit a failed station and retrieve critical scientific samples. I will not give you too many hints, but it relates back to the water shortage on Earth.

The trip to the Moon seemed more like a Southwest flight than a space mission, and the Moon base itself is a ridiculously gigantic facility at the edge of a chasm, yet the action mainly takes place within the Moon base at a good pace. Throughout the series there are mysterious deaths, unknown figures running around the station, and corporate espionage, so it does not lack a fair amount of drama. Sadly, the last episode unravels quickly with a somewhat dumb (and certainly unbelievable) ending.

I cannot recommend it after seeing much better series, such as The Expanse and National Geographic’s Mars. However, if you need to satisfy your science fiction fix before other space series are available, give it a try. You have been warned.

Source/Credit: Scene from The Silent Sea from Netflix.