The New Space Force Anthem

Image (Credit): Baltimore Oriole, the Maryland State Bird. (

You may not have heard the news, but the U.S. Space Force now has its own anthem, similar to other military services. Here are the lyrics to the new song called “Semper Supra” (Latin for “Always Above”) first unveiled at the 2022 Air & Space Forces Association Air, Space and Cyber Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, September 20th:

We’re the mighty watchful eye,
 Guardians beyond the blue,
 The invisible front line,
 Warfighters brave and true.
 Boldly reaching into space,
 There’s no limit to our sky.
 Standing guard both night and day,
 We’re the Space Force from on high.

You can hear the anthem here. It is not something I will be humming in the shower, but maybe some will like knowing the words to this new song, like knowing the name of the Maryland State Bird (Baltimore Oriole) or Maryland State Reptile (Diamondback Terrapin Turtle).

And you can read more about the anthem itself here.

Image (Credit): Diamondback Terrapin Turtle, the Maryland State Reptile. (