Space Quote: The Russians Are All In on the Space Station

“We are going to keep flying [to the] International Space Station as long as our new infrastructure [is being] buil[t]. We don’t know yet how it’s going to be built and what kind of modules we will have, but I’m sure that we will stay in international partnership when we fly [to the] ISS and [the] future station and future infrastructure is also going to be with international partnership.”

Statement by Sergei Krikalev, executive director of human space flight programs at Roscosmos, during an October 5th briefing following the successful SpaceX launch of the latest crew to the International Space Station (ISS), which included Russian cosmonaut Anna Kikina. His comments were seen as part of a continuing Russian clarification of earlier comments about the Russians leaving the ISS in 2024. It appears the Russian will be staying with the station even longer, even if this support does not last until 2030.