Pic of the Week: Disconnection Event

Image (Credit): “Disconnection Event.” (Gerald Rhemann)

This week’s image is from The Guardian’sAstronomy Photographer of the Year 2022.” The image above is the winner of the 2022 contest. It is titled “Disconnection Event,” captured by Gerald Rhemann.

Here is the language accompanying the winning image:

Comet Leonard was discovered by GJ Leonard on 3 January 2021. It made its closest pass on 12 December 2021 and, having left the solar system, won’t be seen from Earth again. On 25 Dec 2021, a piece of the comet’s tail was pinched off and carried away by the solar wind – a dramatic tail disconnection event. “Astronomy, myth and art come together beautifully in this shot. It holds great value to scientists, as it elegantly captures a disconnection event” – Imad Ahmed

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