Video: More on ChatGPT and Astronomy

Credit: Dalle-2

If you have questions about the future of AI and astronomy, I recommend you visit Cool World Lab’s latest video titled ChatGPT Takes A College Level Astrophysics Exam. The video addresses concerns that ChatGPT can be used by students to cheat on tests and homework, and highlights how the program is far from perfect (as shown below in a clip from the video).

To test the abilities of ChatGPT, the host submitted questions from an astronomy final exam to see what would happen. The results were interesting, particularly when math was involved. I do not want to give away the final score (you should watch the video for yourself), but let’s just say a good student can do better than ChatGPT at the moment.

What happens in the future with this new technology is anyone’s guess, though in-class tests may be the best approach if a teacher truly want to know the capabilities of a student. Cheating happens all the time, and it will probably happen on the homework. We just need to ensure the final test is a real test of the student alone

Image (Credit): One of the questions asked in ChatGPT Takes A College Level Astrophysics Exam. (Cool World Labs)

Extra: The video also promotes Ground News so you can determine who is generating the “facts” you read in the news, human or otherwise. Check it out.