A Day in Astronomy: The Birth of Kim Stanley Robinson

On this day in 1952, science fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson born in Waukegan, Illinois. As a writer, he has won numerous awards, including the Hugo Award for Best Novel, the Nebula Award for Best Novel and the World Fantasy Award

Some of his works include:

  • Mars Trilogy
  • Aurora
  • The Ministry of the Future
  • 2312
  • New York 2140
  • The Years of Rice and Salt
  • Three Californias Triptych

You can learn a lot more about the man and his work at this Kim Stanley Robinson reference site.

You might also enjoy this podcast, Crafting with Ursula : Kim Stanley Robinson on Ambiguous Utopias, where Mr. Robinson discusses his encounters with science fiction author Ursula LeGuin as well as his ideas about utopian novels.