Plenty of Stuff in Orbit


When you have a chance you should check out the volume of objects circling our planet on the webpage (shown above). The site provides a realtime 3D map these objects, with daily updates from the

You can select a single piece of debris and read all about it. I selected one point and had this readout:


Int’l Designator: 2018-004N


Apogee: 487 km

Perigee: 476 km

Inclination: 97.39°

Altitude: 477.94 km

Velocity: 7.63 km/s

Period: 94.08 min

I then looked up “LEMUR 2 MCCAFFERTY” and was directed to this site with the following background on the objects sent into orbit:

Lemur-2 is the initial constellation of low-Earth orbiting satellites built by Spire. These satellites carry two payloads for meteorology and ship traffic tracking.

A total of 100 such satellites are expected to be placed into orbit, so there will be plenty more to track related to this one program.

It is getting pretty crowded up there. I remember a similar image of clutter around our Earth in the Disney movie WALL-E (shown below).

Source: From the film WALL-E.