Podcast: A New Space Age?

Source: BBC.

If you are looking for a new podcast, or just want to listen to an interesting conversation, I recommend BBC’s recent Inside Science episode about human travel to the Moon and Mars. Titled “A New Space Age?,” the December 30, 2021 episode discusses NASA’s Artemis lunar program, the timetable for travel to Mars, and whether or not we even need to send humans into space.

Dr. Kevin Fong leads a panel of experts to discuss these topics:

— Dr. Mike Barratt, a senior NASA astronaut and medical doctor based at the Johnson Space Center;

— Dr. Anita Sengupta, Research Associate Professor in Engineering at the University of Southern California; and

— Oliver Morton, Briefings editor at the Economist and author of several books on the Moon and Mars.

If you enjoy the conversation, you may want to look around a few of the other episodes as well, such as the December 16, 2021 episode on the James Webb Space Telescope.