Artemis I: Still Looking for a Window

Credit: The Plain Dealer

According to Artemis blog, NASA is looking at a new Artemis I launch date of either September 23 or September 27. The blog states NASA has requested the following launch periods: 

  • Sept 23: Two-hour launch window opens at 6:47 a.m. EDT; landing on Oct. 18 
  • Sept. 27: 70-minute launch window opens at 11:37 a.m.; landing on Nov. 5 

Someone needs to update NASA’s Artemis I web-page, which as of today still shows a September 3, 2022 launch date.

Success is key for NASA to keep the momentum. Before the planned September 3rd launch, The Economist magazine (paper version) had an article titled “A Flying Turkey,” with the subtitle “The Space Launch System is yesterday’s rocket, powered by yesterday’s technology and brought about by yesterday’s thinking.” In addition to listing the Frankenstein approach used to cobble together a mission that makes reusable components non-reusable, it highlighted the ugly politics out of Alabama under Senator Shelby, calling the rocket system the “Senate Launch System.” The only endearing qualities of the Artemis missions appeared to be the commercial components under the last Artemis phase utilizing commercial partners.

This criticism is not new, but it will continue while NASA struggles to get Artemis I underway. We have already skipped out on the Moon for the last 50 years. Let’s get our heads back in the game!