Moon World Resort: Why Leave Earth?

Image (Credit): Artist’s rendition MOON Dubai, depicted close to the Palm Jumeriah and Burj Al Arab. (Moon World Resort)

It is quite the slogan to sell the Moon to the masses: “12 people have been there, 7 billion want to visit.” But this is not Elon Musk talking. This is a new real estate project aiming to bring the Moon to Earth in multiple locations in order to push shopping malls, spas, and condos. And maybe even conduct some space training, but I would not hold your breath (in your luxury pool).

On its Facebook page, Moon World Resort has a bold vision:

Moon World Resorts Inc. is proud to introduce the reinvention of the famed Las Vegas strip; unveiling MOON, the next giant leap for Hospitality, Entertainment, Technology and Attraction Tourism.

As a futuristic “building of global significance”, MOON will be heralded as an Architectural, Engineering and Design icon; delivering an additional 10 million annual tourists to Las Vegas, during its inaugural year!

So what is it exactly? Here are some details:

  • 735 feet (224 meters) high;
  • 5.5 million square feet (516 thousand square meters);
  • a lunar sphere 650 feet (198 meters) in diameter;
  • 4000 luxury hotel suites within the sphere;
  • various commercial endeavors, including a Convention Center, Event Center, Holistic Wellness Spa, Fitness Center, Arena, Beach Club, Night Club, Star Chef Restaurants, Boutique Plaza, E-Sports Center, Aquatic Center, Lagoon, Ballrooms, Meeting Space, Casino, Show Theater, Discovery Center, Amphitheater, Planetarium, Observatory and various Sports Facilities; and
  • a Lunar Colony attraction.

The cities targeted for this “shoot for the moon” project include one in North America (USA, with Las Vegas already named in the press release), South America (Brazil), Europe (Spain), MENA (UAE) and three in the Asia Pacific Region (China, Japan, India).

All the project needs now is investors to drop about $5 billion on this idea. Until this idea becomes a reality, you can spend your hard earned money on pretend Star Wars adventures in Florida. I guess it’s better than sending tourists to the International Space Station where they will only get in the way.

You can always find a customer for this stuff, and Las Vegas does seem like a logical place to start. Water is already in short supply in the Las Vegas desert, as it is on the Moon. Hence, this may be the perfect time to test lunar water recycling ideas with or without the lunar sphere.