Podcast: Interview with William Shatner

Source: Etonline.com.

On this week’s StarTalk Radio podcast, Neil deGrasse Tyson interviewed William Shatner (aka Captain Kirk) about his acting career and recent trip into space on a Blue Origin rocket. If you saw the Amazon Prime show called Shatner in Space, you have seen the Blue Origin drama (or the infomercial, if you prefer). In his chat with Dr. Tyson, you learn more about this short voyage, including his reluctance to go on the second rocket trip rather than the first, his uneasy stomach once in space, and the travails of being the oldest “astronaut.”

It is always fun to hear from the man who helped to create a growing interest in space travel from his first days as Captain James T. Kirk on Star Trek back in the mid-1960s. We need both scientists and science fiction to keep the dream alive. And just as Neil deGrasse Tyson has stepped into the shoes of Carl Sagan on Cosmos, we have seen Patrick Stewart’s Captain Picard and others step into the shoes of Mr. Shatner on Star Trek. Hopefully, we can continue to create such spirited pairings in the years to come.

Source: iHeart.com.